Septic System Installation Services

Our staff is trained to handle all of your septic needs from complete new septic system installations, repairs and replacements to existing septic systems, tanks and drain fields as well as environmentally friendly alternative septic systems and add ons.

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At Dan’s Excavating Services we can provide a site evaluation and coordinate with the Health Department to help you determine your home or commercial septic system requirements.

We can design and install standard septic systems, performance based treatment systems, low pressure distribution systems, environmentally friendly alternative septic systems, grease interceptors, lift stations, dosing tanks, and pumps to meet all of your septic system and waste water treatment needs. Contact our Project Manager, Darin Wood, today, to discuss your project. Please call him at 231-834-3444.

Our Septic Services:
  • Drain Field Installation
  • Drain Field and Leech Field Repair
  • Septic Tank Installation
  • Septic Tank Replacement
  • Sewage System Repair
  • Complete Septic System Installation
  • Innovative Septic Systems Installed – SludgeHammer – AdvanTex